Yack Community Centre received a substantial grant of $55,000 in 2012 from the State Government to retrofit the Centre .

Works carried out have included:

  1. New windows to the west wall. See before and after photos.
  2. A new wider double glazed front door.
  3. Gal window screens on western side.
  4. 6 kW photovoltaic solar system.
  5. Water saving devices to assist with water usage – including new xxx litre water tanks which divert to run the toilet cistern thus saving valuable treated water being used as waste.
  6. Heat purge fan in the roof space to get rid of hot air.
  7. Insulation and colour bond cladding to west wall.
  8. Two efficient split air conditioners in Op Shop and meeting room.

These works have certainly made the Centre a far more comfortable place in which to work and play. The upgrades have reduced electricity and water usage significantly, assisting running costs accordingly, and added aesthetically to the building. This has been money exceptionally well spent, and we were able to use principally local contractors for the work which has helped our local economy along, as well as cutting down our emissions and expenses.

Thanks in particularly to Nico Vannouhuys and Matthew Charles-Jones for their input, without whom we would never have firstly got the grant, or ever got the work done. Gents – we tips our lids to you!

The works above are certainly not the end of the story. We have plans to keep the works going, and continue improving the Centre as a view to being a model of retrofitting and a place to inspire others to do the same, whether commercial or home properties.